Steps of a project with CITADEL


AGIR request

You must fill out the AGIR service request form, available on the CHUM network only.  

For any request from outside the network, send your request by email to


Initial consultation

An initial meeting between the CITADEL team and your team will be planned to discuss your project and the points to be completed. Following the meeting, a quote will be sent to you for your review.   

Documentation must be provided at least 48 hours before the start of the project. This documentation may include:  

  • Any document relevant to CITADEL’s contribution to your project: preliminary or final protocol, detailed questions for the biostatistician, analyses already performed, data collected, etc.  
  • If the project includes a part requiring access to data stored in the CITADEL data lake, it is necessary to provide the list of the variables of interest, the final protocol, the approval letter from the research ethics board and the request for access to medical records for research purposes.  



Before starting the project, the signed quote must be returned to CITADEL with any documentation required for the successful conduct of the project and in accordance with the ethical standards.  


Project under way

The CITADEL team will stay in contact with you for the duration of the project. Subsequent meetings will be planned if necessary. The results will be sent to you, ensuring that the confidentiality of the data is protected. 


Publications et presentations

If a publication or presentation occurs once the project is finalized, CITADEL’s contribution must be recognized in the publication according to the standards in effect at the CRCHUM. Our team can help you correct your article.   

Read CITADEL’s data access terms described in the management framework

For projects from the academic community outside the CHUM, a collaboration must be established with a CRCHUM department or researcher with a status in good standing to allow access to data.