Regular researchers of the CHUM Research Centre can submit a data request to the CITADEL team to access the information contained in the data lake as part of an authorized research project, as well as for a range of biostatistical and methodological services offered by its experts who are highly qualified in data science and statistics.

Biostatistics and methodology

Methodological Consultation

Support in choosing the best research, analysis and modelling methodology.  

Data analysis and interpretation of results

Analysis by CITADEL's team of experts and writing of the analysis report.

Scientific production support

Proofreading articles or grant applications, participating in the writing of certain sections of scientific papers for grants or publications, answering questions from reviewers.

Data request and data lake access

Preparation of clinical and administrative datasets for the CHUM

Data extraction, cleanup and transformation to obtain a subset of data ready to be analyzed.  

Prospective management (real time) 

Needs analysis to collate data in real time and implementation of the collection and analysis infrastructure.  

Management and storage of research data

Identification of data patterns specific to a project and maintenance service.  

Feasibility studies

Extraction of preliminary descriptive data to estimate project feasibility.   

Algorithmic verification

Development and internal or external validation of solutions and/or algorithms on research, clinical and/or administrative data.  

Integration of new variables/data 

Addition of new variables or data to CITADEL’s analytics infrastructure.